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Malum Prohibihum




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Deposition of MERS, Bill Hultman

Pay attention around 16-18 minute mark and 30-32 minute mark. See if you catch what MERS, William Hultman stated?



Subsequent Purchase, Electronic Copy                               Box in the Sock


Free House                                                                                                 James Explains

Perfection Lost                                                                                        eNotes are Note Legal

Just another day in paradise?                                                        PGW2

The Deed is Gone                                                                                   The real issue with "Robosigners"

What We know                                                                                         Huff n Puff

In God we Trust, In Greed we Take                                        Simplicity

Arrogance                                                                                                 Y2k Invasion

Step "X"                                                                                                        Hello America

Box in the Sock, Part 2                                                                         The Difference

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