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FILED - Petition for Declaratory Judgment [Challenge to a certain section of the Texas Property Code]hallenge to a certain section of the Texas Property Code]

In addition;    Memorandum in Support of Declaratory Judgment



Imagine this

Because I'm a "trusted source" in the markets, if I could get you to believe that I can sell you a partial interest in the payment stream of a real estate mortgage loan, and include a deed of trust with it, I bet because of your greed you would jump on the opportunity to make some money and invest in it? Of course, I would give you a copy of both the "instruments", to help you feel secure. I have them in digital format. You may hear them called by a different name; electronic records. Copies are easy, the print key is easily accessible. And the law I use say my electronic records are just like paper records. And I can use them as a legal effect to do what I do. That seem to make it easy for my scheme.

Now, I can offer the same type offer to another sucker, of course, they are my friend, I'll fill them with dreams of money and they too will jump on the boat. I am a "trusted source". And since I'm the only one with the "originals" to show the suckers as my evidence of a debt, I can continue my scheme whether it is taking real estate from homeowners or skimming off investors money, until I get caught, or flee the country. Which ever comes first. Its that simple folks. And I have enough money to help others turn their head to what I am doing.

This scam took some time to put into place. It took many years to engineer this illusion. It took many laws to change. It took many rules & procedures to change. I had the money and the power to make this happen. I am a "trusted source". After those certain changes had taken place, I began to promote my "corporation", a registry for electronic promissory notes, the new "negotiable" instrument. I even offered membership to my "corporation". I used Delaware law to convince everyone that my corporation was a physical type corporation. I had to create an "agent" illusion to help me with my deception, while mixing around the "brand name" to keep people confused with what I am accomplishing with my "corporation". This agent had to be "electronic" in order for me do business in the world of electronic law, so as long as everyone assumed that my corporation was physical, my plan is working. I know people believe me because I am a "trusted source".

I've convinced them that my "corporate resolution" gives the "agent" who appears in physical form, its ability to produce electronic documents while disclosing my intent before the eyes of everyone, yet they do not recognize it. Not even the courts. I've even convinced lawyers to accomplish this for my "corporation", because they love money. I even convinced everyone that my electronic promissory note was equivalent to a negotiable instrument. That was easy to do.

I convinced these members to conduct its real estate transactions on "behalf" of my system. I convinced these members that the electronic copy of the scanned note and deed of trust were valid, like mine, even after they've lost them. I knew, and they knew that it was not easy for someone to make them produce the original note, even in a court of law. They knew how to use summary judgment as the best tool to evade the jury. Our membership has convinced almost everyone, that our "system" is a lawful means of reflecting changes to be recorded into public land records. It is that easy. It didn't matter who had what. We've convinced the courts that the homeowner can't challenge the assignments in our "system", and the counties can challenge our recordation's. And investor has yet realized the illusion I've placed before them, and the "goods" they purchased. We get rich!

Now, until someone catches me, the greedy investor(s) will probably believe that I followed all applicable law because I am a "trusted source"; and the contract contains that "all applicable law" clause also. I convinced the courts to believe the homeowner is a "deadbeat" so, all I need to do is "take the money and run" because nobody caught on to what I was doing. Not even the lawyers.

And I tell you, it really made a mess of LIBOR, and as smart as people seem to think they are, I have enjoyed taking their monies from abroad, all the while, committing the largest crime in the history of the U.S. without being caught, and I am a "trusted source". I will go down in history!

Confession never given;

How could I possibly do this? How could I accomplish this "deed of trust" feat without being caught up front? Ignorance of the people, that's how. They know nothing about the electronic note I use and from what I have led them to believe has worked for me up to this day. And that covered everyone; the investor, the homeowner, the county recorders, the courts, the world, you name it, they all fell for it. This made it very easy to commit the crime without getting caught. They all believed me because I am a "trusted source".

I helped change the laws to insure these nuggets of gold. I "insured" these things because I knew I could make a profit. And I made tons of money off of the insurance claims. Write-offs to the IRS were a breeze. I even taught my iniquities to the rest of the world to keep this pyramid scheme afloat.

I have deceived the whole world! They trusted me! I am a "trusted source".

And I will deny all of this because I refuse to incriminate myself. I am a "trusted source". I am protected by the Constitution. I am a "person". I am a "
trusted source

This is what has taken place to millions of real estate mortgages in the U.S. All one needs to do is review the certain covenant that states; "The note, or a partial interest in the note [together with this security instrument] can be sold one or more times...." See a certain covenant in a FNMA form deed of trust. The covenant is in most GSE deed of trust. It is usually located around #20.

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On Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the

United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

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The Two-Faced contracts of MERS members


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Our Civil Rights are violated!!!!! Wells Fargo Bank wins with a Ginnie Mae transferable record?

Texas Court holds that Homeowner's will be required to pay twice when it opined in favor of  Wells Fargo Bank N.A.!!!!!

Nobody is immune, read the Civil Rights Compilation

"Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress. R.S. ยง 1979."
Hoffman v. Halden, 268 F. 2d 280 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit 1959


Oath Takers, AGP



Law of Agency, a Constitutional violation?

Covenant 20




Read also at OurLemon.com Pointing out the violations of the U.S. Constitution created by a certain Texas Property code. It has been criminal for years.


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